Czech Blind United

Navigational Centre for the Blind

Hello and welcome to the Navigational Centre for The Blind by Czech Blind United.

The Navigational Centre for The Blind is a section of the Digitisation and Technical Support Department run by Czech Blind United.

The main purpose of the centre is to help visually handicapped persons to travell independently of a sighted guide only by using their cane or their guide dog even in places they are not familiar with.

The Navigational Centre is providing following services:

  1. Information on travel services, phone numbers or on desired places or buildings.
  2. Planning routes and preparation of itineraries (way descriptions)
  3. Satellite navigation
  4. Emergency aid

Note that

Clients using the service no. 2 of course get their itineraries in such a form that meets the special requirements of visually handicapped persons on way descriptions.

In fact, only users equipped with the navigational unit (GPS based-device) can make some profit of the service no. 3.

More information on purchase or hirring the device can be optained from the Navigational Centre staff.

Especially users who are equipped with the navigational unit are able to use The service no. 4 in the most effective way whenever they get lost or confused on their way or in case of any unexpected incidents. Yet this service can also be helpful for those users who don't own the navigational unit but would still appreciate an immediate phone consultation concerning their intended way or its modification. However, they are supposed to be able to give at least an approximate description of their actual position.

The provided services by the Navigational Centre also include the possibility for the users to get an announcement if they are approaching their final destination on bus or train. This can either happen because the user has got the navigational unit or the actual position of the particular bus or train can be viewed on the Internet.

You will find more detailed information on all provided services in the section provided services.